The Perfect Result

What is fun? What works? Encouraging people to create behavioural change can be tricky. In Nieuwegein the GAIA group has produced ”The Perfect Result – effective sustainable behavioural change in 4 steps.” It is a workbook to help GAIA groups and others to plan events taking into account the effects on the inhabitants.

“… this workbook … won’t magically make the world more sustainable at once. This workbook helps small initiatives achieve effective behavioural change through local activities, effective being the keyword. Behavioural change is much more difficult than it seems, which is why it is good to support volunteer organizations in this objective.”

The workbook “The Perfect Result” presents four phases. If you follow these phases in the planning of your activity, there will be a clear and structured approach as to what you are about to undertake. The workbook focuses on sustainable behavioural change, but the model and the contents of the workbook can be applied to various domains, such as health behaviour, liveability and other social issues.

As a part of the production of the workbook, three workshops were held where parts of the workbook and the assignments were tested in practice. It is available in both English and Dutch.

The Perfect Result – effective sustainable behavioral change in 4 steps

De Ideale Uitkomst effectieve duurzame gedragsverandering in vier stappen

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