Happiness Guide

Surprise or not, what makes us happy (in the long run) are also very often actions and habits that are sustainable. Well, actually it is not so strange – happiness is sustainable for life.

“The Happiness Guide” is both an app and an exhibition about happiness, wellbeing & sustainable lifestyle. The interactive exhibition gives visitors six statements about behaviours and phenomena in our daily life. The statements relate to the following themes: Relationships, Presence, Food, Greenery, Exercise and Movement. The visitors could take a “quiz” where they were asked whether they agreed with the statements or not. They were also asked to consider and discuss the topics among themselves, before they opened the covers to read what happiness- and sustainability research has to say.

There is no straight right or wrong here – discuss the pros and cons of the different answers!

The happiness guide is designed to inspire the visitors to think in a playful manner about how we all can “boost” our everyday happiness. It is often about obvious choices, but we may need a reminder that a more sustainable and happier lifestyle often is good both for ourselves and for the planet.

The “Happiness guide” in the exhibition format was on display during a festival in Malmö as well as in high schools and other fairs. During the Malmö festival, Gaia arranged wellness workshops such as laughter yoga, happiness ping pong, up-cycling your old T-shirt, happiness coaching, repairing home electronics, and a happiness tree where visitors hung notes on what they were grateful about.

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