RepaMera workshop (DIY)

Do it yourself – a movement that is spreading because it is fun and rewarding to be able to fix your own stuff – be it the bike, clothes or a piece of furniture. But what if you feel that you don’t know how? That’s why Malmö did the ‘RepaMera’ – a free workshop and lecture series on caring, repairing and maximizing the use of what you already have. The themes were:

  • Gardening: Growing food at home on windowsills, balconies and in other small spaces
  • Food: Minimizing food waste – cooking with kitchen “waste”
  • Bike: repair workshop
  • Home: Be your own craftsman “DIY@HOME”
  • Textiles: Repairing and repurposing clothes
  • Furniture: Repairing and repurposing old furniture and second-hand bargains

Generally the skills to repair and take care of things are decreasing. Also, buying new stuff is often cheaper than having something repaired by a professional. That puts us at risk of being left with large landfill sites. Finding the time to repair things creates a sensation of gratitude and also gives us a chance to slow down.

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