GO! Malmö - Green options

“Go!Malmö” is a campaign for sustainable consumption in the city centre. The aim is to get businesses, cafés and shops in Malmö city centre to market their sustainable Fair trade goods. In turn, this will make the citizens and visitors to the city centre feel that it’s easy to make a sustainable choice, and that many businesses offer these kinds of products. During the campaign there were also seminars, workshops and events in the city centre to highlight sustainable consumption and show alternative consumption, such as sharing and swapping.

The project started with a first meeting, gathering about 30 business owners, and an inspirational talk about trends in sustainable consumption and good examples from two businesses in the city centre. This illustrated the layout of the campaign.

The campaign was run in collaboration with Malmö Citysamverkan, a non-profit company whose purpose is to develop the city centre, as well as GAIA partners, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, the Global Happiness organization and the Malmö Nya Latin School.

The long-tern aim is to strengthen and widen the local networks of actors to further inspire more businesses and individual consumers to support sustainable development through Fair trade and undertake actions reducing their global footprint.

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