Future Workshops

Let’s talk! If an organisation has an issue regarding sustainability it can take it to a future workshop. The city then provides support by connecting stakeholders and actors. Take the Sustainable Development Goals for example: what does the city want, how do they look at the SDG, how do we focus, what are the needs for the city? Different organisations are invited and there is an open conversation about what they want from the city and vice versa. This collaborative space creates a lot of focus on how we can work together.

The Future Workshop unites people with good plans and ideas, experiences and curiosity, money, expertise and skills. We hold an interactive session making it easier and quicker to get to know one another and connect and, in so doing, appeal to the ‘best of ourselves’ for a fairer and more sustainable world, in the city as well as in other parts of the world.

Future workshops bring people and businesses together to talk about needs, define objectives and develop plans for clear actions, which will achieve their objectives.

The first Future Workshop of Utrecht created a vision of the city in 2022. It resulted in 6 perspectives:

  1. Circular economy
  2. Local, fair and logic food
  3. Green, spacious city
  4. Meet
  5. Energy jump to sustainable energy
  6. Utrecht as base for a green economy
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