‘Flairtje’ is a campaign to stimulate catering establishments in a positive way to take small, solid steps towards making their purchasing policy more sustainable. ‘Flairtje’ will also challenge customers at hotels, restaurants and cafes to make sustainable choices.

The campaign builds on the networks and collaborations that have evolved within Gaia. The different parties that participated in the 2014 Future Workshops have again found a form of cooperation within the scope of this campaign. The ‘local2local’ organisation is delivering the products for the ‘Flairtje menus’.

The strategy behind the initiative shifted slightly as it progressed. In order to have an impact on consumers, we also approach producers and distributors. That’s because change requires cooperation, consumers are dependent upon what the distributors choose to bring to the market, while the distributors need to feel the pull from consumers. Consequently, everyone will have to behave differently.

Flairtje is run by three Utrecht-based organisations: ‘Stoere Vrouwen’, ‘Lekker Utregs’ and ‘Fairtrade Utrecht’.

Video “Flairtje – Fairrukkelijk Fair Food”:


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