Fair Trade Award

The Fairtrade Award Nieuwegein is given to business and organisations that work with Fair trade in a way that is a good example for others. The award aims to display Fair trade to a large audience, to expand the network and to stimulate behaviour change, both among organisations, businesses and the organising party. The Fairtrade Award 2014 was presented at the festival of Nieuwegein Awards, which is an annual award ceremony for Nieuwegein residents, and organizations that have distinguished themselves in their respective fields. The audience ranges from entrepreneurs, politicians, volunteers organizations, residents, administrators, local sports clubs, youths, and civil servants to people from the world of finance, small business and catering. Some 1.000 people attend and it gets high attention in the local media.

Previously, the Fairtrade Foundation Nieuwegein have presented the Fairtrade Award Nieuwegein as a solo activity. By joining the Nieuwegein Awards they could make use of the greater publicity, not only before the event but also on the awards evening itself. A benefit of joining the more experienced Nieuwegein Awards organization was that it was brought to the attention of the Fairtrade foundation that the goal of their award was not entirely clear: was it an award for encouraging or for recognising Fair trade initiatives?

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