Community garden

Little Round Circle – “Cirkeltje Rond” is a community garden aiming to strengthen social cohesion in the neighbourhood. An official and festive opening was held with activities for both young and old people, in order to present the garden to the neighbourhood and the city. It was a two hour garden party with healthy food, herbal drinks, a story teller, a giant butterfly on stilts, activities for children, an artist and some speeches that contributed to make the garden and its possibilities more visible to the people (and organisations and businesses) in the neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood garden is situated in the Fokkesteeg district. The garden has many different elements: willowshelter, amphitheatre, garden wheel, butterfly idyll, herb spiral, flower meadow as well as more wild nature. A place where people can meet, garden on little plots or just enjoy themselves.

Residents of the adjacent nursing home, the Geinsche Court, frequent the garden. The grass path by the flower meadow is a place for rehabilitation to relearn to walk. There are also regular visits of people from Social Assisted Living Utrecht who work in the garden as their daily activity. The local branch of the Dutch Foundation for nature and sustainability education (IVN) designed the garden and took care of the arrangement of the garden. The IVN volunteers also carry out the maintenance of the garden.

In 2015 the garden was one of the six finalists for the national award the Golden Swallow. This award by the Dutch Cultural Landscape Association is presented yearly to three initiatives that have incorporated nature in the street, neighbourhood or city.

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