Clothing bank

The K4N stands for the Clothing Bank for Nieuwegein. The primary goal of K4N is to support people with a minimum subsistence level income by helping them save clothing costs. A second goal lies in raising awareness on the possibility of recycling of clean and undamaged clothes. An official opening arranged to make the initiative known, aiming at more donations of clothing and more contributions in terms of volunteers, donations etc.

The Clothing Bank for Nieuwegein is situated at the industrial area of Nieuwegein and is open for two mornings and one evening per week. One of the collaboration partners is the Dutch refugee organization. Due to the international refugee situation of 2015 Nieuwegein will take in refugees. When the refugees arrive the can select clothes and others garments from the Clothing Bank for Nieuwegein, which is especially necessary for the cold and wet conditions typical for the Netherlands.

In anticipation of the nationwide ban of free plastic bags, the Clothing Bank for Nieuwegein purchased sackcloth carrier bags. The visitors can borrow sackcloth carrier bags to carry the clothes home. The intention of this initiative is to reduce the amount of plastic bags and to raise awareness of the re-use of durable materials and products so as to reduce the personal footprint.

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