Global Awareness in Action, GAIA, was an international project running between 2013-2015. GAIA aimed to make it easier for actors in target cities to find ways to develop their work within education for sustainable development, to reach new target groups and mobilise an informed public to change behaviours.

The ultimate goal of GAIA is to contribute to sustainable development. The project scope of GAIA, sets the overall objective of empowering local authorities and non-state actors into effectively implementing training for sustainable development programmes. In addition it aims to implement Fair Trade Town campaigns so that more citizens become involved in taking firm actions to tackle development challenges. Read more about the project.


Inquiry Based Approach – IBA

This is the approach that was used in GAIA to facilitate the multi-stakeholder collaboration within and between the city teams. This approach is hands-on as well as minds-on. It has potential to increase intellectual engagement and foster deep understanding and thereby honouring the complex, interconnected nature of knowledge construction, striving to provide opportunities for participants to collaboratively build, test and reflect on their learning. Learn more

12 Strategies to promote behavioural change

This is a collection of both so called nudge and think strategies. A nudge is any aspect of the choice architecture that alters people’s behavior in a predictable way without forbidding any options or significantly changing their economic incentives. Think strategies invite people to think through challenging issues and work with their values. We present both theory and examples were some cases are mixed nudge and think. Learn more

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